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Taxation & Accounting

Having the peace of mind that your Accountant is reporting correctly and accurately your situation to the Australian Taxation Office is crucial.

At Southern Cross we see that we are the custodian of your business to the ATO and our duties of care are clear.

All accounting staff our highly skilled and qualified in these roles and keeping our clients informed is crucial.

Taxation is a necessary cost of business. However, developing strategies that will minimise the liability is good business and we work hard to provide this to our clients in a timely and efficient manner.

New Business Start Up and Support

At Southern Cross any new person going into business has to combine the 'fire in the belly' with practical requirements for the business to get up and get going.Our approach is about keeping the 'fire burning' while making the transition as simple as possible.

This multi staged process involves an analysis of the business , a review of the people involved and assistance in all of the set up requirements.

For those considering business we offer a complimentary initial consultation. Please contact our office for more information.



Strategic & Business Planning

Strategic and Business Planning should be a simple process and not simply the long drawn out preparation of a document that gathers dust on the top of your cupboard.

At Southern Cross we utilise easy to understand business tools to firstly highlight the issues and secondly to facilitate the development of strategies and actions.

The process of planning for YOUR business crucially must involve YOU at every step. Our role is to facilitate this process to allow you to grow your business.

Contact our office today for more information about developing a strategic and business planning process in your business that is effective and sustainable.

Business Coaching

When you look at most great businesses they almost all have mentors/coaches that provide advice and support throughout their business journey.

The skills of Southern Cross combined with a suite of On-Line Coaching tools provides a cost effective and powerful process for supporting a business.

The combination of unlimited On- Line Coaching, regular Face to Face meetings and Phonecalls provides a powerful network of support to assist the growth of your enterprise.

Growth, Sales & Marketing Strategies

All business people are looking for an edge to grow their businesses.

Our approach at Southern Cross to addressing this issue includes the following beliefs:

  • The client/customer is intelligent and understands marketing gimmicks.
  • Marketing is NOT simply Advertising.
  • You must know what drives Sales in your company. (What is your Sales Equation?)
  • You must know who your clients/customers are and how to contact them.
  • Your database is GOLD!

Working the above beliefs will put your business in a position of control. To find out more about this process and how to implement contact our office.

Profit Improvement

Increasing profit is not only about increasing sales. Inefficiencies in the operating costs of any business can be as high as 25%.

Identifying the areas of Inefficiency and developing the strategies and actions can see enormous improvements to the Profit results of any business.

At Southern Cross this process is facilitated with the client involved at every step because 'No one knows your business as well as you'.

This involves the development of Project Teams at your business to work through the issues.

For more information do not hesitate to contact our team at Southern Cross.



                                                                                             Published Article:

26/01/13 Mistakes Property Investors Must Avoid.....  

26/10/13 Set Goals and Timeframe Strategies 

In an industry which is largely unregulated, Southern Cross Property Advisers have accreditation with a nationally recognised organisation, Property Investment Association of Australia (PIAA).

Lead by Director Mr Noel Costa, Southern Cross Property Advisers develop customised advice and strategies to motivated clients to help them achieve their life goals through residential property investment.

Southern Cross Property Advisers will  ensure you are seeking the right property most suited to you.  This is achieved by engaging our services to prepare a Statement of Property Investment Advice (SOPIA). 

Clients receive comfort that trusted advice provided is structured and supported by professional indemnity insurance.
We provide our clients with the following services:
  • Existing portfolio review
  • Finance capacity review
  • Risk analysis
  • Education sessions (group & individual)
  • Mentoring packages
  • Assistance with sourcing finance
  • On-going support with the management of your property portfolio
  • Property investment options
  • Legal/tax structure & risk management review
  • Advanced tax planning strategies through property
  • Statement of property investment advice (SOPIA)



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